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Joker | Illustrated Poster

Illustrated  Poster for  ‘Joker
The Idea:These are a series of Alternative Movie Posters for the upcoming movie Joker. The artwork tries to depict the layers and details of this sinister character played by Joaquin Phoenix. Joker is sitting on a pile of clown heads and skulls, signifying how he reaches the peak by influencing his followers. The pile also signifies the ‘trash’ of Gotham and how this Phoenix rises from it. The artwork also contains details from Arthur Fleck’s life, like the mic that represents he was a stand up comedian, or a note written by him on mental illness. The overall poster explores the darkness and tries to capture the evilness in one frame.

Tools Used: The artwork was drawn on an iPad, using dry ink brush strokes only.

Brand:Warner Bros.

Agency: Talenthouse