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Pokemon Detective Pikachu | Illustrated Poster

Illustrated  Poster for  ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’
The Idea:  This is an Illustrated Vector Poster for Talenthouse’s Creative Invite in Collaboration with Warner Brothers, inspired by the movie ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’. This artwork was the selected entry and was part of the Official movie campaign and featured across all major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve tried to capture the excitement and drama around Ryme city, using basic shapes, solid colors and symmetry. The overall circular form represents a magnifying glass. The Glass reveals the whole excitement of this new movie, with Pikachu being the focal character. I’ve also tried to recreate the spectacular neon environment of Ryme city in a 2D style.
My idea is to capture the energy and vibe of Ryme City by using bright colors and neon lights, without actually showing the streets and buildings. This illustrated poster is filled with the energy and action of the characters in the film, with an overwhelming influence of the Legend, Pikachu.

Tools Used: This is drawn on an iPad with the Procreate app.

Brand: Warner Brothers

Agency: Talenthouse