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Shazam | Illustrated Poster

Illustrated  Poster for  ‘Shazam
The Idea:  Shazam is not your typical Superhero and the artwork tries to capture this goofy nature of a 15 year old Superhero. The visual is inspired from the scene in the trailer and tries to portray the drama from another perspective. Both Freddy Freeman and Shazam are looking into the viewers eyes with varied expressions.
The other is a digital painting of the scene in the trailer where Billy discovers he is bullet proof and takes out the two robbers from the departmental store. The broken glass forms the Shazam logo which reveals the superhero as the focus of the scene. The expression on Freddy Freeman’s face describes his astonishment at Billy’s superpowers.

Tools Used: Both the artwork were drawn on an iPad with Procreate.

Brand:  Warner Bros, DC Films & New Line Cinema

Agency: Talenthouse