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Spider-Man Far From Home | Illustrated Poster

Illustrated  Poster for  ‘Spider-Man Far From Home
The Idea: This is the alternate Movie Poster for the Upcoming Spider-Man Film, “Far From Home”. The tries to capture the excitement around the film by using organic spray paint splatters, and relevant symbols inspired from the movie trailer.The background consists of some of the monuments around Europe the forms an essential part of the movie. It also tries to show the vacation mood Peter and his friends are in. There are also some stencil symbols of Iron Man, who continues to inspire Spider-Man.

The second poster combines old-school poster design with relevant elements from the movie. It shows Peter’s dilemma as he is caught between his love life (MJ) and duty (Nick Fury). The background consists of important monuments from Europe which form an integral part of the movie. Spiderman also encounters Mysterio , who then takes centre stage. The background also consists of the villains in the movie, Molten Man, Hydro-Man, and the Sandman

Tools Used: The artwork was made using watercolor brush and spray paints, and later refined digital in Photoshop.

Brand: Columbia Pictures & Marvel Studios

Agency: Talenthouse