The 4 artworks play in sequence to show the different moods and vibes of Downtown D.C. The artwork focuses on the History and culture of Washington D.C. along with Moxy’s ‘Play on’ attitude. The Style and mood of the artwork is inspired from the Dada Art Movement, which in my opinion, was to challenge the limits of art, and break conventions. The shapes and visuals are inspired from Washington D.C. itself. The circle and dots are inspired by the shapes on the Technicolored Church at SW Waterfront. The colored balls are inspired from the hangings at Palmer alley at City Centre. The juxtaposition of the statue, with the eagle, represents the American spirit. The map of the city is also used in the artwork, along with some text from old newspapers. The play on attitude is represented by the cocktail with the clock-lemon, that shows round the clock fun. The Jenga towers also show the infinite good times.

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